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You can try evaluating different expressions here:

AngularJS does not use JavaScript's eval () to evaluate expressions. Instead AngularJS's Discount 2018 New Limited Edition For Sale ZH200Z 2018 ladies Sexy white flower lace prom dress Huge Surprise Sale Online jw83JN2
service processes these expressions.

AngularJS expressions do not have direct access to global variables like window , document or location . This restriction is intentional. It prevents accidental access to the global state – a common source of subtle bugs.

Instead use services like $window and $location in functions on controllers, which are then called from expressions. Such services provide mockable access to globals.

It is possible to access the context object using the identifier this and the locals object using the identifier $locals .

Expression evaluation is forgiving to undefined and null. In JavaScript, evaluating a . b . c throws an exception if a is not an object. While this makes sense for a general purpose language, the expression evaluations are primarily used for data binding, which often look like this:

It makes more sense to show nothing than to throw an exception if a is undefined (perhaps we are waiting for the server response, and it will become defined soon). If expression evaluation wasn't forgiving we'd have to write bindings that clutter the code, for example: {{(( a ||{}). b ||{}). c }}

Similarly, invoking a function a . b . c () on undefined or null simply returns undefined .

Apart from the ternary operator ( a ? b : c ), you cannot write a control flow statement in an expression. The reason behind this is core to the AngularJS philosophy that application logic should be in controllers, not the views. If you need a real conditional, loop, or to throw from a view expression, delegate to a JavaScript method instead.

You can't declare functions or create regular expressions from within AngularJS expressions. This is to avoid complex model transformation logic inside templates. Such logic is better placed in a controller or in a dedicated filter where it can be tested properly.

Directives like ngClick and 2017 Good Quality Best PU Leather men Shoes Discount Clearance Store Free Shipping Release Dates PXn7A
expose a $event object within the scope of that expression. The object is an instance of a Latest design hand made elastic woven shoes Discount Pay With Paypal Buy Cheap Discount Outlet Genuine r0cJL
when jQuery is present or a similar jqLite object.

Attributes provide a powerful method of associating metadata, or declarative information, with code (assemblies, types, methods, properties, and so forth). After an attribute is associated with a program entity, the attribute can be queried at run time by using a technique called reflection . For more information, see Black women casual shoes Glit Beading embroidered laceup low cut casual shoes Cheap Pick A Best The Cheapest For Sale Discount Fashionable Sale How Much Outlet Store Locations 1fQO6Dsgf

Attributes have the following properties:

Using attributes

Attributes can be placed on most any declaration, though a specific attribute might restrict the types of declarations on which it is valid. In C#, you specify an attribute by placing the name of the attribute enclosed in square brackets ([]) above the declaration of the entity to which it applies.

In this example, the In the workplace working women wear dress/the latest design dressPY0089 Clearance From China Sast Online 100% Original For Sale Latest Collections lNBkNoSR
attribute is used to apply a specific characteristic to a class:

A method with the attribute DllImportAttribute is declared like the following example:

More than one attribute can be placed on a declaration as the following example shows:

Some attributes can be specified more than once for a given entity. An example of such a multiuse attribute is ConditionalAttribute :


By convention, all attribute names end with the word "Attribute" to distinguish them from other items in the .NET libraries. However, you do not need to specify the attribute suffix when using attributes in code. For example, is equivalent to , but is the attribute's actual name in the .NET Framework Class Library.

Many attributes have parameters, which can be positional, unnamed, or named. Any positional parameters must be specified in a certain order and cannot be omitted. Named parameters are optional and can be specified in any order. Positional parameters are specified first. For example, these three attributes are equivalent:

The first parameter, the DLL name, is positional and always comes first; the others are named. In this case, both named parameters default to false, so they can be omitted. Positional parameters correspond to the parameters of the attribute constructor. Named or optional parameters correspond to either properties or fields of the attribute. Refer to the individual attribute's documentation for information on default parameter values.

The target of an attribute is the entity to which the attribute applies. For example, an attribute may apply to a class, a particular method, or an entire assembly. By default, an attribute applies to the element that it precedes. But you can also explicitly identify, for example, whether an attribute is applied to a method, or to its parameter, or to its return value.

To explicitly identify an attribute target, use the following syntax:

The list of possible target values is shown in the following table.

Also described as Prune Belly Syndrome.

The Triad is:

The condition was first described by Frolich [10] and then called "prune belly syndrome" as a descriptive, because the intestinal pattern is evident through the thin protruding abdominal wall in the infant. [11]

Survival of the prune belly child depends on the number of functioning remaining nephrons at birth and the operability of the obstruction.

In some cases there are vestiges of muscle in the abdominal wall and it is not known whether this represents (a) destruction of muscle, or (b) failure of development of muscle. The causes of this malformation are little known, but maternal therapy with estrogens in the first trimester has been implicated frequently.


Renal outflow obstruction

Prune belly

Multicystic kidney
Multicystic kidney and histology
Wilms tumor

The Bosniak classification system (I - IV) was designed to separate identified cystic renal masses by analysis of computed tomography (CT) features into surgical and nonsurgical categories. [16] Named after Morton Bosniak, Yale University School of Medicine, the developer of this classification system.

Urorectal septum malformation thought to be a deficiency in caudal mesoderm which in turn leads to the malformation of the urorectal septum and other structures in the pelvic region. Recent research has also identified the potential presence of a persistent urachus prior to septation of the cloaca (common urogenital sinus).

Clinically the condition is described as a urorectal septum malformation sequence (URSMS): female disorder of sexual development; ambiguous external genitalia; imperforate anus, vagina, and urethra; renal, colonic, and lumbosacral anomalies.

There is an excellent recent 2010 review [17] of renal vascular anomalies shown in adults using computed tomography. The images below are from that review.

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The distal ureter balloons at the opening into the bladder and forms a sac-like pouch. Often associated with other ureter abnormalities.


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Breaking It Down , Towards E Pluribus Unum

A Non-toxic Race Dialogue Board Game to Promote Racial/Cross-Cultural Amity. Developed by the National Center for Race Amity

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