Want to Find Your Pipe Dream Engagement Ring?


An engagement ring is a ring which is worn at the time, when a couple ties a knot, which has to last lifelong. This ring beholds feelings of affection, care, love and a healthy relationship. The to be, together-forever couple exchanges engagement rings with a vow to live happily ever after. The engagement rings once exchanged by the couple, indicates to the rest of the world that they’re taken and are not available for anyone.

The engagement ring that holds deep meaning for that specific day has to be unique, beautiful and a reliable one. Engagements rings are available in huge varieties in the jewelry stores. All you ought to do is select something which meets your choice and standards.


Here’s an other extremely happy and satisfied couple who has gotten the engagement ring and party of their dreams.

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Innumerable designs and styles of engagement rings are available. Some of them might be expensive on budget whilst the others might just fit perfectly into your budget. How expensive or how cheap an engagement ring would be depends upon the stone used or the metal of the ring that you’ve selected. If a couple prefers diamond to be embedded in their engagement rings, surely they’ll have to pay heavily. There may be several types of engagement rings that might include diamond engagement rings, non-diamond engagement ring, a simple plain circular engagement ring, a ring studded with numerous small stones; rings embedded with the respective birthstones of the couple, and then there are engagement rings with rubies, sapphires, zircons etc.

Some engagement rings are also available where the names or the date of their engagements are engraved within them. The varieties of engagement rings are never ending.


Some very basic designs of engagement rings are being followed since ages. These designs are used in almost all kind of rings; they may be diamond rings or non-diamond engagement rings.

Buzzfeed also talks about this topic in depth here.

The stones may be changed but the designs and pattern of the ring stays the same. Some of these designs include classic solitaire design, side stones design, halo design, three stone design, or a wedding set design. In case you select a non-diamond engagement ring the design used will be from the above mentioned designs and the stone would be anything other than a diamond.


Of course, every woman on earth would love to wear a diamond engagement ring around her finger. But, in most of the cases not every couple has the affordability. What could be done is you can select a stone which is white in color that would resemble the appearance of a diamond. Stones such as cubic zirconia or American zircons are easily available in market and they’re very friendly to budget and resemble diamonds. Apart from stoned non diamond engagement rings a couple can also opt for rings that have no stones that are either simple gold or platinum rings or rings that have engraved stuff on it.

Get that Dreamy Look In Your Eyes With False Lashes Designs

dreamer girl

There is something different about women who achieve their Pipe Dreams

People can usually tell when there is something irregular. It does not need to be told to them directly. There only has to be a few subtle hints, some miscues or things that are out of the ordinary for one to see something is amiss. There is nothing wrong with this however. It just means something is not what it seems to be. That something takes on the shape or form of its own entirely. It may try to be that which it tries to mimic. It cannot however, really be considered as that original thing because it is its own original thing altogether. There may be some who would not share this view as they would look at the copycat as nothing more but that. It is however, a matter of perception that could change from one view to another. If you’re worried about how to apply them, here is a guide by Oprah herself.

Reasons have their own reasons for being

When something is different, one might think that this is different with everyone as well. It could also be that it is only different for the person who is viewing it. If one has others agreeing with him, then it is different for that group as well. There will however, always be one other person who would view this different thing as a regular occurrence and not something that should be considered out of the ordinary. Take fake eyelashes for example.

One might think that they are unnecessary because people all have eyelashes anyway. It does not mean though that there are not other people who may welcome this kind of enhancement. What if they would like to lengthen their eyelashes? This piece would certainly help them do so. What if they would like to make them curlier? Fake eyelashes would definitely help them towards that goal. This kind of beauty enhancer aims to create a more pronounced look for those who feel they are lacking in that certain hair follicle department.

Where it is available

Fake eyelashes may readily be purchased over the counter or custom made at a beauty bar. There is a vast selection of brands to choose from. They are available at the convenience of the consumer and the quality as well as value of one may be relative to the user. Among the places and brands available are the following:

  • Eye Lure
  • Kiss
  • Benefit
  • Boots
  • Eco Tools
  • No. 7

These are the brands that offer a good selection of quality fake eyelashes for any consumer that would like to use a dependable piece.

Care for it, and you’ll look dreamy for years to come

These fake eyelashes have a considerably short usage. It may not even last for more than one month. It is up to the user however to take steps to give it the piece a longer life span. One can try to always keep them dry and to not rub their eyes too much as this could loosen the strands that are glued together.

It is always better to enjoy them as much as you can while they still look good. The best time to do this is when they are brand new.

3 Famous People Who Achieved Their Dreams of Becoming a Fashion Designer

Dreaming is good and can be very helpful, as we all know at PipeDreamInk.com

Yves Saint Laurent, Pierre Cardin, Christian Dior are only a few of the names that have dominated the fashion industry for several years now. There are so many more that have entered the fray and each year, these shapers of the industry scale new heights economically as well as creatively.

pipedream ink – inspirational famous and sucessful designers

From being only designers of garments, they have expanded their business into other areas such as accessories, to name one. Following their path are hundreds of designers from all over the world carving their unique niche in style. Now, their names are branded into a variety of things not limited to clothes. To this day, people pay dearly for the brand more than for the product itself.

Their status has allowed them to sell purely by branding and no cost is too high if you would own something from their lines, whatever it may be.

The fashion industry is a multi-billion dollar one and continues to grow as more and more young designers are joining the industry and each one is vying for the top spot year after year.

Pipe Dream Ink knows how successful they turn out to be open to debate. After all, fashion is fickle and the newcomers has impossibly high standards to reach.

The sheer challenge ought to be daunting to most and only the hardened ones with thick skin manage to handle the pressures and the pain. For, no success can come without sweating bullets as the designers sweat in their artistic frenzy while seamstresses churn out the designs in a factory.

The making of a show stopper takes on gargantuan proportions for both the designer and the factory worker.

No sacrifice is too great and no price too high to pay for such people. Whether they will ever each the pinnacle of success is an unknown against which most of them struggle. Regardless of name or fame or a legacy, newcomers will keep trying and some will make it.

There are many that dream of high design and wish to make the list of top fashion designers. In fact, it is more likely that every student entering a design school to study fashion dreams of it. However, not more than a handful have a chance at making it.

This is because a combination of luck, skills, and connections will be required. Just being creative and draw beautiful sketches might not be enough. All you will end up having is a portfolio full of beautiful designs.

If you are lucky, and are in the right place at the right time, you will meet someone willing and interested in looking at your work. Then, you would need to find a way to translate your dreams into reality.

It does not stop there. You cannot go this far to simply put well designed gowns in a closet. You need to network and find design houses willing to sell them. You need a way to showcase your designs and hope that you will be a success and people will find a way to buy one of those. This is just an overview of how fashion designers become famous. There is a lot more that goes into it including branding, merchandising, etc. It is not for the faint hearted.